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Last Published: 2013-03-08
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Open Source Full Text Search Server - Fess

What is Fess?

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Fess is Java based full text search server provided as OSS product. You can install and run Fess quickly on any platforms, which have Java runtime environment. Fess is provided under Apache license.

Fess Screen Shot

Fess is built on Seasar2 framework, and contains Apache Solr. A crawler used by Fess is S2Robot, which can crawl documents on Web/Local File System and support many file formats, such as MS Office, pdf and zip.


  • Easy Installation/Configuration
  • Apache License (OSS)
  • OS-independent (Runs on Java)
  • Crawl documents on Web/File System/DB/Windows Shared Folder
  • Support documents of MS Office, PDF,...
  • Use Apache Solr as a search engine
  • Support Japanese mobile devices
  • Provide a browser based administative page
  • Support a web page for BASIC/DIGEST/NTLM authentication
  • Support a role authentication
  • Support XML/JSON/JSONP format
  • Provide a search log and statistics